Anyone have experience with LP Gear Upgrades to GR

I have a Goldring GR1 that I purchased to play my old records. The sound never really did anything for me, sounds somewhat lifeless. I just ran across a upgrade from LP Gear and wonder if anyone has had experience with their upgrade. Can a stylus made a difference, I assumed I would need a better cartridge not just a stylus??

From their site:
Sound Improvements by LP Gear
Overall, the Goldring GR1.2 is a splendid turntable out of the box. Fit, finish and operational feel are excellent. We were however dissatisfied with the GR1.2 ’s musicality. It was brash and constricted. As an importer of styli, we have access to a vast treasure of styli replacements. In the process of selection, we identified a special production stylus much more musically adept than its siblings. We have since then had a special manufacturing run of this splendid stylus and designated this the LP Gear Rx9S stylus. We also replaced the factory supplied thin felt mat with our own LP Gear Z Mat. Lastly, we replaced the factory supplied belt with our new ViViD Black Beauty belt for better grip and torque thus enabling more rotational accuracy and flywheel effect. The turntable began s-i-n-g-i-n-g like a bird uncaged. The LP Gear Rx9S stylus offers natural tone and harmonics, wide open soundstage and sweet music. The LP Gear Z Mat provides superior platter isolation and proper height for the cartridge hence the synergies.
Oh wow. I never seen this offer before. They sell the upgrade kit separately for $89. That looks like its worth it on the surface. I am very tempted to order that kit right now.

What I need answers for before ordering is what the upgrades actually are. Stylist? I didn't know this but it seems that the stylist is replaceable with thier superior version.

Belt? How could they make a better belt?

Mat. Its not hard to see how anyone could make a better one than the one that comes with the table.

Their website does not supply a phone number so I will be emailing them right now. Thanks for the info and I will post my findings :)