Anyone have experience with Innersound speakers

Curious re. replacing my Thiel 7.2 speakers and not giving up dynamics or bass.
Well, as a former Eros and Eros Mk-II owner, I don't know how they compare to the Thiels but they did not have the best dynamic contrasts or bass extension and power. Plus they are extremely directional and have a minuscule sweet spot.

I'd personally think about looking elsewhere if dynamics and bass prowess matter to you. Regardless of what the specs may imply, they didn't deliver in my room (not without a good subwoofer anyway).
I have both Eros Mk II's and Innersound MkIII's. You have to be a person that believes in Roger Sanders as a speaker designer. I was a member of the Tampa Bay Listening Society until they decided they didn't want any classical listening members. That was over two years ago. The South East Pass Labs rep was also a member of the society. I have had my Roger Sanders designed Speakers since 2005-7 having previously owned Accoustat Three's and Accoustat 2+2's. I hosted a TBLS session in 2010. Nobody else in the society had either of these speakers although there were a number of Martin Logan Owners. After my listening session the Pass Labs rep told me that he had listened to Roger Sanders Speakers at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver and that he told Roger that he had the best imaging and sound stage quality at the RMA show. I have not heard anything better for the investment I have over my own system. There are trade-offs when considering between dynamic and electrostatic speakers. First of all they need a lot of power. Roger's speakers are at least 3db more sensative than ML speakers. My I/S Mk III's are 98db 1w/1m. I drive them with the Bass amp provided by Roger and either my ASL Hurricanes or My Aleph 2 Monoblocks (200 Wts into 4 ohms). I operate the Hurricanes in Triode Mode. Both of these amps sound excellent with these speakers. But neither have the power to drive clean transients like we all want, so I keep them at a lower spl than I would like, just for the clean transients. I have heard ML Summits with Pass Labs XA160.5 amps and even though the summits are much less sensitive than my Sander speakers they are able to present very clean transients. The other differences are a faster roll-off below 25hz on Roger's speakers that the MLs. I decided to buy a used Velodyne DD-15 subwoofer and I am now a Happy Camper. I have about 20,000 in my system and the system mentioned above had about 50,000 invested in it. I have no intention of changing my system. I have all Shunyata Constellation series cables and two Shunyata Gaurdian 6 plug power Distribution units. I attend at least 6 FL Orchestra Symphonies per year. Anyone want to hear Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" with 115db peak SPL's? I will tonight.