Anyone have experience with ElectroHarmonix tubes?

I just bought four 6922 ElectroHarmonix tubes for my CJ LS17 preamp and they sound pretty good. Not as good as some NOS tubes that I have used but certainly better than Sovteks. There are not as hard or cold sounding as Sovteks. Anyone else out there ever try these? I think that I could live with these if I could no longer get my hands on NOS tubes or could no longer afford them.
The EH KT-88s are used in the Magnum verson of the Rogue 88. I have some in my non-mag version, and I like the sound. They have about 200 or so hours, and they are really sounding decent, especially in triode mode.
Bombaywalla: I bought them from the tubestore ( for $13 a tube. Not a bad price considering that some of the better NOS tubes cost $100 and up per tube.
Mchd1 I found them on E-Bay. I have delt with this person a couple of times and he been very reputable.
Hey guys
To add a question on this topic. Does any one know how the Electro Harmonix KT88's compare to the Svetlana KT88's? They would be used in Rogue Magnum 120's monoblocks,