Anyone have experience with ElectroHarmonix tubes?

I just bought four 6922 ElectroHarmonix tubes for my CJ LS17 preamp and they sound pretty good. Not as good as some NOS tubes that I have used but certainly better than Sovteks. There are not as hard or cold sounding as Sovteks. Anyone else out there ever try these? I think that I could live with these if I could no longer get my hands on NOS tubes or could no longer afford them.
I have 12AX7EH in my pre. I like their sound very much. I'm sorry that I have no experience with 6922EH tubes.
BTW, where did you purchase them from? How much? Just curious. Thanks!
I have the 12ax7eh's in my CDP. I really like them. I also have Stock Chinese, NOS RCA 5751 blackplates, EI 12ax7ln, and NOS GE JAN 5751s, currently I prefer the EHs.
I have been using the EH 6922 gold pin version in my CJ 16ls and like them very much. I agree with you that they are better than the Sovteks. I have tried JAN Philips NOS and the EH are much better. I have not tried any of the high end rare NOS like Siemens, Telefunkin or Amperex.
Hey Chuck...I just retubed the Premier 11 over the Thanksgiving weekend..SED 6550C, EH 6FQ7 and GE-JAN 5751..Wow what a difference. I can't wait to plug in the gold pin EH 6922 pre-amp tubes that 'Santa' got me into my C-J 17LS!
Quincy, I still miss that tube amp. I never should have sold it.........or maybe I need to buy a Premier 140 or better yet a mono-bloc pair.
I retubed my ARC LS-15 with four EH 6922's (gold version). I'm a little surprised, but they sound much better than the Sovteks and JAN Phillips tubes that I had used previously.
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The EH KT-88s are used in the Magnum verson of the Rogue 88. I have some in my non-mag version, and I like the sound. They have about 200 or so hours, and they are really sounding decent, especially in triode mode.
Bombaywalla: I bought them from the tubestore ( for $13 a tube. Not a bad price considering that some of the better NOS tubes cost $100 and up per tube.
Mchd1 I found them on E-Bay. I have delt with this person a couple of times and he been very reputable.
Hey guys
To add a question on this topic. Does any one know how the Electro Harmonix KT88's compare to the Svetlana KT88's? They would be used in Rogue Magnum 120's monoblocks,