Anyone have experience with Denon DVD-2910?

I am helping a friend put together a combo home theater / audio system, and recently read a very positive review of the Denon DVD-2910 in "The Perfect Vision". The DVD-2910 is a universal disk player, and the review said it is better than most of the flagship models from the mass-market manufacturers, and as good as many high-end DVD/SACD/CD players at 2-3 times the price (MSRP is $679).

My friend wants a player with very good audio playback, since he has a large CD collection, but he also wants a player that handles DVD's well, and will allow him to start acquiring some SACD's.

Does anyone on this forum have any experience with the DVD-2910? If so, your input would be very helpful.
I own that baby and love it. I'm more into the DVD/picture aspect, rather than the sound. Of course when I play an SACD I'm listening through a Nad 320 and Definitive technology speakers. Not the greatest electronics/speakers in the world so I really don't know how the 2910 would hold up played through my rig. Delivers a beautiful picture...sorry I can't help you more. Feel free to email me with any quesitons. peace, warren
Magazines say every piece of budget gear compares to gear 2-3 times the cost. LOL
Dunno about ther 2910, but i have the 2900 and love it. from what i understand though, oddly enough, the 3910 was the replacement for the 2900 while the 2910 was the replacement for the 2200?.
MARCH 15, 2005
I have owned one for about 6 months. A great item. Solidly built and designed. Great sound and picture (DVI, HDMI connection.) My highest recommendation. Can't do better for the money.
Thanks very much for the input, guys. I also got a couple of private responses that also had positive things to say about this unit.

After I made this post, I found a professional review of the DVD-3910 (MSRP: $1499) on Audioholics, which gave the unit a highly favorable review, and awarded it their "Editor's Choice" award.

Based on the info I've gotten, sounds like the 2910 needs a serious audition. Thanks again.

Scott C-