Anyone have experiance with KLH-9 power supplies?

I have two pairs of KLH-9s, one functional, the other mostly for parts. Recently the signal to the tweeter on one of the "good" ones has dropped out. This also happened a few years ago, and it turned out to be connections within the potted PS box... melting out the wax & repairing it was a pain! I'd like suggestions &/or schematics on what I could repair, or replace the original boxes with. In effect, I have a glut of drivers (enough to make "double 9s")but controllers are my problem.

On a related note, does anyone here work on old 'stats enough to be interested in a "collection" of CLS, Quad 63, & KLH 9s in various disrepair? ...perhaps a trade of a bunch of old bits (including a pair of fully functional 63s)for one pair refurbished?
The usual suspect in the power supply is a failed diode in the voltage multiplier circuit. It IS a pain to melt out the wax in the PS. I did it several times.
It's not THAT hard to remove the wax. I did it for a friend who has a pair of 9's. The reason it's not THAT hard, as I recall, is that you don't have to remove ALL the wax. Just enough to get to the components.

We tipped the unit on its side over something to collect the wax (like a cake pan) and using a heat gun just melted out enough wax to make the repair. You then gently heat the removed wax and pour it back into the transformer can.
Yes, that's more or less how I did it... I put it in a roasting pan in the oven! I was really hoping for some information on rebuilding the units or building new ones from scratch. I don't trust the condition of any of the 40+ year old components.