Anyone have current experience with TAD-1 speaker

I had asked this question some time ago,as this seems to be a fascinating design,and fairly easy to drive,but,got a limited response back then.Could anyone else add any comments here.Thanks.
I heard them twice at shows -- at CEDIA under extremely poor conditions, and at CES. In both instances the speakers were quite striking for their incredibly realistic dynamics, detail and bass and treble extension.

However, these speakers had a very hard, metallic sounding top end. I spoke with Dr. Edgar, who happen to be auditioning the speaker at CES at the same time I was there, and he commented that the tweeter had the same hard edge that he has heard on other TAD drivers with beryllium cones. He said that he loves the speed and clarity of the TAD beryllium drivers and tried very hard to work them into his designs, but could never get rid of that hard, edgy top end.
Larryi is right on the money. I'd only add that in my auditions, the hardness is not just a treble problem but a midrange problem as well. The speaker has amazing transparency but it comes at a price: an unnatural hardness and glare from the midrange on up especially at higher spls. No thanks. Hey Larry, just checked out your system. How come no mention of speakers?
He has speakers, they're from SAP, an Italian company. They're the last item in his system description.