Anyone have Coincident Frankenstein amps?

I'm looking for a nice 300B based amp, and this is at the top of my wish list. Anyone have any input on the performance of these amps? Any other brands you would suggest? Just want to try a 300B based amp to switch back and forth with the 845 based amp I have now. Thanks!
I'm a Coincident Dragon owner and they don't sound warm or have flimsy bass. My experience is that they are transparent and will reveal what is upstream. What are you using as the source? Could you try rolling in different tubes to see if that helps. I'm using Psvane 300B's and found them to be a step up from the stock tubes.
Nguyen787, why not try a preamp that is not passive. I would try the Coincident preamp first before getting rid of the Frank's. I think you are going the wrong way.
My source is Oppo 103, set at fixed volume, connected to passive Lightspeed Attenuator before feeds to the Franks. The Tekton Lore can reproduce cymbals like live music, but it seems to have difficult to make the drum snare, tom and kick as live music. I thought it could be my passive, so I tried Dodd Buffer, and it did not improve drum beats, slightly less transparent as the passive. It could mean that a better pre-amp or a change of speakers.

I may try to get a Audio Research LS3 (solid state) or save up for a more expensive pre-amp or different speakers. What are your preamp and speakers that used with the Franks?
I use the Coincident Statement linestage and this combination is truly superb. I generally prefer a top quality active preamp to the passive approach. Opinions will vary on this issue as expected.
Good Luck,
Nguyen get the coinc. preamp and call it a day.