Anyone have Coincident Frankenstein amps?

I'm looking for a nice 300B based amp, and this is at the top of my wish list. Anyone have any input on the performance of these amps? Any other brands you would suggest? Just want to try a 300B based amp to switch back and forth with the 845 based amp I have now. Thanks!
I may have "decreased" my power requirements some, but that's changing....bought a brand new Ayon Triton a few weeks back. It's at a friend's house in Rochester being broken in. I am in no rush to get it, since I have the Franks on hand...but when my buddy does ship it down, it will be interesting to see how the 80/120 wpc of the Triton compares. Amplifiers, for me, are just a nice way to change up the sound of a system without sucking up the space that speakers do. Didn't need the Triton, just got a deal I could not pass up. Plus, it seems that the Zu speakers, while very sensitive, really like more juice. They seem to really open up when given more power. Will be yet another interesting comparison. That's half the fun, isn't it? But I do have doubts that the Triton, as good as it is supposed to be, will be able to match the clarity and detail of the Frankensteins. We'll see......
Tony what are you doing to the poor little Frankensteins? 8 watts vs 80 watts now thats a true David vs Goliath battle LOL. Well one things for sure , there`s going to be very real differences with this comparison. High power pentode-push pull against low power SET/DHT. My former amplifier was the BELLA Extreme 100 monoblocks, this was an excellent PP design 100 watt pentode/60watts triode. As fine as this amp is I kept the Franks due to better tone,resolution of overtones and it was superior at presenting a more live like sound and realism. The Franks put me right into the jazz club more convincingly. You have a different system and preferences, you may prefer the higher powered push-pull. This should be fun! keep us posted.
My experience with Coincident Frankenstein amps is a mix. The amps really sound warm and the clarity is second to none. These characters make listening to jazz, classic and vocal fantastic pleasant to the ears that I would not want anything more. On the other hands, I am disappointed in these amp when I am listening to pop, rock or and some modern jazz. I believe the drum sound too soft and does not reproduce the drum beat well. Drum beats sound flimsy lack of impact.

FYI: I used 300B tube black bottles, speakers are Tekton Lore, and preamps are Lightspeed passive or Dodd buffer.
Your experience is quite different from mine (could it be system, different
ears ?). One of the many attributes of the Frankenstein has been agility,
speed, trasient performance and vibrant energetic sound when called for. I
appreciate the fact that it isn't soft, slow or rounded off. The better the 300b

tube the better the amplifier sounds, superb resolution and transparency.
Currently I'm using these 300b tubes, Takatsuki-TA, EML XLS and the
AVVTV32 SL and these
all sound exceptional with all types of music (jazz is my predominant
genre). High energy big band and classical music are a joy. Drums sound
terrific with realistic snap, impact and timing.

But one thing is certain in audio, no component will please everyone, there
are too many variables and preferences to account for. The Frankenstein
outperformed my previous 100 watt PP amp across the board. You'll
eventually find what you're looking for in an amplifier. As always YMMV.
I believe the drum sound too soft and does not reproduce the drum beat well. Drum beats sound flimsy lack of impact

Hmmmmm...this hasn't been my experience with the Franks. They won't "pop" like a big, over damped SS amp, but to me they sound far more like real drum thwacks than the big SS amps. Could be the system? Maybe it's our different ears?