anyone have any experience with the proac 1S?

looking for a pretty to really good monitor for a gift?
I have the ProAc 1S and love them. I use them in a relatively modest system with an Audio Refinement Complete integrated, HSU sub and a modded Music Hall CD-25.

The speakers are at the same time very engaging and very detailed with an amazing sound stage. I've also owned ProAc Studio 150's, Thiel 2.2's, Soliloquy 5.0's and some older Monitor Audio speakers.

The Response 1s is by far my favorite of those. They're the kind of speaker that keeps you sitting there listening to music when you really intended to get up and go do something else. I recommend them highly.

I've just bought some Merlin TSM's to try against the ProAcs, not because I'm at all unhappy, but to see if the Merlins might give me even more of what I love about the ProAcs.
Terrific sounding speaker for jazz and accoustic music. I find myself switching to another speaker for R&R and blues. The Proac Response 1 can sound bright with the wrong amp and I found I needed to upgrade. They are not all that efficient and cannot play really loud, loud they can do, really loud--they cannot. Beautiful mid-range and great with well recorded music. If you listen at a moderate level and like accuracy this is a great speaker.