Anyone have any experience with the Onix SP3???

Has anyone heard this integrated? Compared it to a PrimaLuna Prologue One/Two?
This is the exact same type of information I am seeking. The SP3 just got a very good review at and this package deal they have with their Ref 1 speakers seems too good to be true. Therefore, I was very much interested in finding out more about the SP3 from owners and I am dying to find out how it compares to the Prima Luna Prologue Two. Probably not that many SP3's out there as of yet. I hate waiting :-(. If ayone has any info Please respond.
Just bought one instead of the PrimaLuna - never got to hear it for comparison though.

Love the SP3 - and it loves my Totem Arros.
Interesting Spurzheim, I am using my PrimaLuna Prologue Two to power Totem Arros.
Dont' they have a 30-day return? Try it at home and see if you like it. The SP3/Ref 1 package is priced ridiculously low. In effect you are paying $200 for the speakers.

I am seriously considering picking up the combo even though the last thing I need is another pair of speakers.
I just got one. It is same as the Melody Sp3 and they are both from China. I like its Art Deco look and love it's sound. I use it with Spendor 3/5 in my bedroom. Never got to hear the PrimaLuna.
i went to the melody web site and their sp3 has a different tube compliment than the onix sp3 but the onix sp3 was designed by melody. also they do look a little different.
I just went to melody web site but found there is no different with their SP3 and the onix sp3.
I am just wondering where do you see that.
Anyway, AV123 just lower their price for the combo to $999.
don't know where i ran across it now maybe it was and older version but it looked almost like the current sp3 but had two knobs on the front and a different set (types) of tubes.

will try to find the link again.
here is a link to what it looked like but the site i was at ,but was in english, maybe it was an older melody link, it had fewer tubes and was rated at 30 watts.

Thank you Marvin,
I found the artical, it is the melody M8 which use total of 4 el34. and it has 4 feet instead of 3 of the sp3.
Thanks again.
Call The Melody USA people at 800-676-1085 X121

I purchase a I2a3 LOve it. 30 day money back, honest people.
if you are looking for Melody - USA- Absolute quality tube amps/ preamps....
I found them @
They are great- just bot a Melody sp7 amplifier. Sooo Good..

The phone# is 800 676-1085 . Talk to Chuck- he's @ EXT 121. Very knowledgeable & super customer service


Totally Reccomended!!!!