Anyone have any experience with the Naogoka MP110?

I am considering a Naogoka MP110 because I have read some positive reviews and it should be an improvement over my Ortofon Super OM10 with respect to base. Here is my main concern: I tried a Goldring GX cartridge and found that it rides too low for some of my records because they were slightly warped. When researching the MP110 I also found a similiar comment.

The one great thing about the Ortofon is that it is very forgiving when it comes to records that are not perfectly flat, and this leads me to the question of has anybody had any problems with the MP110 because it rides too low? The problem with the low-rider cartridges is that sometimes you can't play the first track because certain cartridges will bottom out.

One point I would like to make here is that with all the reviews, the problem with the cartridge bottoming out on slightly warped records is overlooked most of the time.

Thanks for your help!
Has anybody used the older design : the MP11 and experienced and bottoming out by the cartridge on the first track?

I had the MP11 but gosh....that was 20 years ago!?
I can't recall it 'bottoming out' on the first track?
If your OM10 is dragging, perhaps you need to raise your tonearm, or use a thinner turntable mat.

Another suggestion: Look at the profile of Ortofon's new 2M series. It appears that the cartridge body tapers upward almost from the cantilever location, and would therefore be an less likely candidate for bottoming out.
Thanks for the response. Just want to give you more backround on the problem. As far as the Ortofon Super OM10 goes I have no problems bottoming out because of its shape, but it is a bit weak on base as a few reviews seem to point out.

Recently, I read a review that said the MP11 tended to ride low and this could be a potential problem for warped records. Now, I am wondering if the the MP11 or the newer version MP110 rides as low as some of the Goldring cartridges which could potentially be a problem for records that are somewhat warped.

One last thing, If anybody is considering to write a review on any cartidge in the future it may be a good idea to comment on ride height, because there are always going to be a few records in a collection that may be slightly warped.
A lot of this has as much to do with compliance as with "ride height". An MM, like the Nagaoka, will tend to have a high compliance. This translates into bottoming out on warped LPs, if the tonearm mass is not helping to damp the action of the cantilever. You haven't mentioned what tonearm you are using with these cartridges.
I am using a MusicHall mmf5 with the stock tonearm. The origional cartridge was the golding and the table had been setup in the factory for it. I dialed in the proper styless pressure and checked it for the recommended grams.
It's not merely a matter of using the correct VTF. You also need to consider the effective mass of the tonearm. Somewhere in the lit that goes with your tt, Music Hall may reveal the figure for your tonearm. With a high compliance cartridge, you want a relatively low effective mass tonearm, i.e., <10g. I would keep it as simple as that. I should add that this matching is mainly to keep the tonearm/cartridge resonance point below audio frequencies (<<20hz) and above 5-6Hz, but I think proper matching will also ameliorate your problem.