Anyone have any experience with in-wall speakers?

I am building a home office and would love to not give up space for speakers such as JM Lab MIni or Micro Utopias on stands. Does anyone have any experience with quality in-wall speakers? I don't need the last word in audiophile quality for the office. I still have my listening system in our living room but would love to be able to have a Rowland, Plinius, or Viva integrated amp for the office driving something that might sound as good as B&W 805 speakers. I know B&W makes an in-wall speaker and I am going to check that out, but are there any others? And anyone with good or bad experiences?
I have listened to the B&W in-walls, and they don't sound nearly as good as a nicely setup pair of 805s. I have not listened to any other in-walls.

The technical limitations on an in-wall seem almost insurmountable (by definition must be placed "against the wall", can't be wider than stud spacing, very little room for depth of cabinet or cone movement).

Still I'm sure some sound better than others. I will be curious to read your reviews of what you hear, please post. I will also be curious whether the high-quality amplification you described makes a difference in the sound of these speakers (since they are normally driven with low-to-mid-fi components).
You may have answered your own question:

I don't need the last word in audiophile quality for the office.

If you purchase good quality in wall speakers you will get good sound. If you use your office as I do, you may find it difficult to discuss business and listen to music at the same time. Many of my long distance conversations wind up with me turning down even the small Cathedral radio atop my desk.

I use B&W Signature 7NT in wall's for my HT setup. They're biwired / biamped, driven by high quality tube electronics. My expectation is only that they deliver good quality enjoyable music, and they do.

On the other hand, if your office is your escape and second listening room, (a bit more fun than work) perhaps floor standing speakers are the way to go. At least you can take them with you when (and if) you ever move.
Thanks for the insight. This office is going to be for working at home. I am in the music business and have to listen often for work, make dubs, assemble track selections, send tracks on computer, etc. The room will be a bit of a pleasure room for listening late at night, etc. I just thought that if I could get reasonalble sound quality and save some space, it would be a good thing. I checked the threads and saw that others have recommended Snell, Triad, and James speakers. Since we are building the room I think I can get the stud spacing where I want. I am even thinking of putting my Mini-Utopias in the wall and upgrading my main system speakers.The good news is that we are re-doing the electric into the house and I am running 30 amp lines into the living room and the office.
I have heard good things about Thiel Powerpoints (on-wall) and Thiel Powerplanes (in-wall). Also, There are some great little speakers that are meant to be used with a computer. Monsoon makes a set-up that includes a pair of desk-top planar monitors and a matching subwoofer. Also, Apple sounsticks and complimentary subwoofer also sound excellent.

Don't get me wrong, these do not compare with a hi-end system, but they are great for use with a computer, and would not require a whole system of components. Good Luck,
If you like JM Labs, they have an in-wall speaker now. I have not heard it though.
The only in walls that I would consider are ones with cabinets/baffles. I wired up my whole house with nice in walls and got lots of bass problems (needed an equalizer for each room!) Too much, I'm living with boomy bass. The other problems are that in walls don't point at your listening position. Imaging can stink with in walls too.
Good Luck and happy listening.
I installed in walls for years. None of them, repeat NONE of them sound as good as a "box" speaker of 35% the cost in terms of tonal accuracy, soundstaging, bass performance (accurate, not just bass volume).

I echo the advice to build in-wall enclosures for whatever you ultimately choose, and suggest you do so with the input of the speaker manufacturer-- if it's a high end inwall they've been asked and have answered this question, or should at minimum be able to point you at an installer who can give you some pointers on real-world implementation of that model.

Contrary to most "box" speakers, response contouring switches on most inwalls, when properly implemented, are a good thing to help you deal with the nasty acoustics. Parasound also makes (or made) an affordable mini EQ suitable for insertion in a tape loop or between pre and amp with parametric bands designed specifically for correcting inwall problems. It was called the R/EQ-150 or something.

All of this aside, if you can possibly set up your office for box speakers, even if their placement is less than optimal, do it. If you go with inwalls, forget the high-zoot hardware- go midfi unless your long term plans include those electronics going elsewhere-the sonic gains of high end electronics are totally lost on inwalls IMHO.

Just my .02. Good luck. If you find a killer inwall, share it with us, please.
I bought a pair of Inwall Triad Silvers and I was blown away. What I mean to say was that They are almost full range and enclosed. I was used to hearing other brands and thought I'd try these. Installation couldn't be simpler. After installing turned them on and my jaw dropped. I'm not an experienced audiophile by anyone's standards but I have to tell you I was shocked. They are somewhat costly.
If you have not listened to the new Dynaudio IP24's you owe it to yourself. If you like the sound of Dynaudio's in general then these very well could be the speakers for you. They are pure and sweet and if you are in the music business then you will appreciate their sonic qualities. Best of luck to you.

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ