Anyone have any experience with CJ Evolution 2000?

This is a hybrid tube/SS design amp introduced by Conrad Johnson in 1990. I have an MF-2200 by CJ and was wondering how much improvement EV 2000 would be and where that improvement would be. Anyone heard thes 2 amps?
it was reviewed favorably by either the absolute sound or stereophile years ago can't remember which magazine.
Hello,Artemus. I have heard these amps when working at Salon 1 Audio.The EV-2000 is going to be more robust and deliver more current,it's a powerhouse of an amp.Be sure that your power lines are up to snuff,it draws considerable current during turn-on. It was capable of driving power-hungry speakers and retaining that CJ sound which is very musical. CJ with muscle. Good luck,Tom

I heard that amp years (and years) ago driving Celestion SL700si. LOVED that system, the speakers absolutely disappeared in that room.

Also check past "threads" via search engine at this site.

I too, once owned this beast of an amp. It's a BIG moth-a, 114 lbs. Hard to really have an accurate "sound memory" as it was over 8 yrs. ago, but, as stated above, the amp was very musical, while always retaining an iron grip on whatever speaks were hooked up to it.

Some things to consider though, AC cord is non detachable, no XLR balanced inputs, and the HUGE (50 lb.) transformer tended to "buzz" (can be rectified -- no pun intended-- greatly with a VPI "brick").

Also, because of its' enormous size & weight, would be quite ex$$ to ship for repair.

Overall, if these things aren't major drawbacks for you, a good deal if you can find one in good conditon for around 2k or under.
Thanks guys> I had considered some of the things which Denf has pointed out and came to the conclusion that I should not purchase this amp. The price is right but it would cost about $100 each way to ship the monster back to CJ for service.