Anyone have any experience with CD transports? Particularly Jay’s Audio?

So my question is:  Does anyone have any personal experience with Jay’s CD transports? Particularly The CDT2?  The current version is MKIII and the one I am seriously considering purchasing.  I have hundreds of CD’s and they are still my preferred medium.  I also have a Roon Nucleus that I love, but I still favor CD the majority of the time.  I’ve spent several hours researching CD transports and Jay’s is universally praised by those that own them.  I’ve also looked at PS Audio’s CD/SACD unit, but it’s over 2x the cost of Jay’s and out of my reach.  I look forward to your thoughts....
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Something I should have added.  I reviewed the posts for Jay’s CD transport from 2018.  Does any have any experience with the MKIII?  Any experiences with Jay’s?


I praise my Pro-Ject through a WireWorld AES/EBUDesigned and made in Europe.

I purchased a Jay's Audio CDT1 about 4 months ago.  It has been great. Well constructed and solid.   I received it within about 2 weeks of ordering (I'm in the US).
Thanks walt8489....takes some stress off ordering direct from overseas.  I have not read anything in the slightest negative about their products or their business practices..Going to send them that small stack of american dollars soon...
I got my CD Transport, a streamer, headphones, various cables from UK.  All within 2 weeks.  All good.
So, ordered the Jay’s.  Was expecting end of February before shipping according to their website.  Got an email last night said it would ship tomorrow.  Pleasant surprise.
Can't comment on Jays transport though I am curious.Current reference is a CEC 3.3 and it is the most accomplished transport I have owned.Used in many reference systems.