Anyone have an Oracle Origine TT?

Considering an upgrade to my analogue front end.  I'm intrigued  by the Oracle Origine, now in Mk II status.  It's got quite an interesting design with a uni-pivot arm, the "olive" to adjust tonearm resonance. and a reasonable list price.  Our Canuck buck is terrible right now vs the greenback, so Canadian made products madk more sense than ever at the present.

So, anyone have an Origine TT?  Opinions, views, rants, or kudos? :)
Have you any info on the arm's design/construction/materials? How do they get the unipivot at groove-height? That would seem to require quite a bit of mass down low to achieve lateral stability... and that mass must be moved by the cantilever. Also, the 'Olive' is hardly a new idea and looks quite massive compared to earlier iterations: adding mass so far ahead of the pivot of course necessitates far more mass behind to achieve balance. The arm looks intriguing, and I'd love to see detailed technical drawings of its inner workings. 

The website features 56 photos of 'decorative options' for the TT, but almost nothing on the arm. Is it a work-in-progress? The site says "available soon."

That said, I've little doubt it's a good TT. I owned two Oracles (Delphi and Alexandria) and was quite satisfied — but sold both in favor of better... and not more expensive.
I've got no further information than what's on their website.  A local dealer carries Oracle Audio and I was able to examine the Mk I version.  It seemed well built if somewhat plain in appearance.

What TT's did you replace your Delphi and Alexandria with?

The current Oracle Paris looks a bit better built than the Origine but it will end up about double the price.  

I currently run a Thoren's TD-166 Mk II that I've had since new with a  Benz Micro MC Gold cart.  I really enjoy the warm sound from this rig, even if some consider it a bit coloured.  My musical tastes are eclectic but I listen mostly to jazz and classical.  I use Martin Logan Summits and Harbeth C7ES-3 speakers in my two systems, so that should give an idea of the type of sound I value.

I'd like to see the inner design. Do manufacturers still provide diagrams?

I was using a Thorens 125 and Linn LP12; both had Ittok tonearms. After getting the Oracles, I preferred the Thorens and Delphi, and sold the other two.

Then — this may ruffle some feathers — I got one of the good late-stage DD tables, then an even better DD. I preferred both of them. Sold the Delphi, and kept the Thorens as a backup, mostly because the Delphi was costlier to keep. Hated to part with its beauty.

Mostly LOMC cartridges, and like you Classical and Jazz. But not exclusively: rockin out is a basic human need.
"  But not exclusively: rockin out is a basic human need." 


Having recently rediscovered my Budgie CD's I've been enjoying some proto-heavy-metal too.  :)