Anyone have a take on the new LFD NCSE Mk II

I've recently become quite intrigued with Dr. Bews' overall ideology and approach to amplifier design, as well as, the several positive reviews I've read describing the LFD sound. That sound being one that is virtually devoid of those electronic artifacts that tend to sound artificial and fatiguing, while instead, presenting a very realistic and human quality. Anyone out there that may be able to share their own LFD experience would be appreciated. Thanks
I was told by a dealer that the changes are minimal. I plan to keep my MK I for now.
have the lfd ncse mk i. loving it. sound likes tubes. perfect match with my spendors. transparent, crisp, live music sound.
Very fine kit .... it was my next choice after the REGA OSIRIS tht I bought.

One caution though - the LFD amps and whatever you use as source are dependent on matched LFD ICs and LFD speaker cables to perform as you want them to.