Anyone have a pic to show me where to replace HEXFREDS in a Cary CAD-120S?

I know there are supposed to be 6, which I have, but I only have a novice experience with circuitry. I don't want to risk the shipment there and back (or the $$$), so I want to do this upgrade myself. 

Can anyone PLEASE show me pics, or give me specific instructions on WHERE these new HEXFREDS go and what they replace? 

Thank you so much! 

Anyone who has had it done to theirs, and would like to share pics of the "undercarriage", would be appreciated as well...

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Don't do this! Find a tech in your area to do it for you. Don't risk damaging your amp or worse by attempting an upgrade yourself you are not qualified, by your own admission, to perform. Not to mention potentially tanking the resale value of your amp. A little common sense goes a long way here.
Follow your hot and neutral power cord leads(within the chassis) and among first connections, you’ll find three diodes, connected in series to each AC lead. Three will be facing cathode to AC supply lead and three: anode to AC lead. Mine had a single piece of shrink tubing, on each set of three and were strung between two terminal trips. If you know the cathode end of a rectifier from the anode end and are competent with a soldering iron. It’s a very easy process, to replace these with HEXFREDs. I mounted mine(in my Cary SLM-100s) on small blocks of Corian. If you feel competent and interested, I can email a couple pics of my install. Cary also offers the upgrade service, if not. (
thanks rodman. i'll DM you with an email addy. Thanks!
You can do this simple mod with a little help. Very easy. Good luck! While you are it it replace those electrolytic power supply caps with film! Bigger improvement in sound. 
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grannyring- Where’s a good place to find 1200uF/450VAC(or thereabouts) film capacitors? Seems they would have to be huge and very expensive.  ie: Eight Clarity TCs in 600uF/450V caps would take up over 67 square inches of landscape.  I do love the idea though!
My Cary amp has 2-560uf caps that I replaced with Clarity TC caps. I had to add a 3 inch wooden expansion chassis to fit them. These 1200 uf caps could be replaced with Clarity TC caps as they can be ordered up to 600 and above uf. Problem is they are the size of those large 3 inch in diameter computer grade caps made by Mallory and others. Clarity TC caps are sold by Parts Connextion and they are the best I have used in power supplies. Wonderful. Larger values can be ordered directly from Clarity. 

Also, I think your 1200uf caps are in series, like mine, to handle the voltage near 500vdc. The Clarity TC caps handle 600 Vdc so no need to put them in series. This means 600uf is closer to your target with Clarity TC. My 560uf caps were in series so I only had to deal with 230uf total. My four 80uf TC caps would have been enough, but I added capacitance because I had the room. 

With Clarity TC you don't need 600uf as builders, modders, and Clarity point you can achieve the needed results with lower uf options from Clarity. Look them up on the net and read about it. 

Here are some pictures of my Cary Rocket 88r mod with those blue Clarity caps. I also put some ASC film caps in the power supply...those white ones. The amp no longer has any electrolytic caps in it. All replaced with far better sounding film caps. Mundorf Evo, Clarity TC, and those ASC film caps. 

Here are some pics. I used 4-80 uf Clarity TC caps as well as those ASC.

Also, I purchased them as part of a 25% off sale! The ASC caps are on closeout at Parts Connextion for only $9 each! 

You answered while I was editing my post. Figured the TCs were the ones referenced. I was wondering how you accommodated them(nice work).
Correction. I did not use Mundorf Evo caps, but rather Clarity SA caps that were on sale in place of 10uf  electrolytic caps. I also used Obliggato film caps to replace the 47uf electrolytic caps. Those are the large black ones you see. Big improvement!
I am pretty sure, not positive, your caps are in series. You may only need 600uf! Two caps only. Also you don't need as much capacitance with these TC caps. 
"Two caps only."(per)   I'd want to keep the capacitance within 20%(and I always prefer the more side).   I've already put over $800 worth of Duelund coupling caps in the pair, not to mention a few other little expenditures.   This will take some thought(damn it)!