Anyone have a pair of ICON Parsec speakers?

If someone owns a pair of these speakers, could you tell me the approximate weight and dimension of them? THANKS!
I have a pair. They are big. Each speaker weights 105 lb. I will post measurements later.
47" x 12" x 16" plus one inch grill (H x W x D)
Are planning to buy a pair?
I have the original owners manual and promotional material if you need them. Happy to copy for you. You will LOVE these speakers. I picked up a pair that were used for a very reasonable price. I was going to use them as a stopgap until I could find a pair of Spendor SP-100's that were local to me. After haveing them for a while, I realized how great they were. The surpassed every expectation I had, and filled my speaker needs for less then 1/5 of the budget I set for speakers. Good luck!
I'm the original owner of a pair or Parsecs. Monsters. I believe mine were a later run and had additional bracing, so they're closer to 110 lbs. each?
Yes, it’s a pain to move them around. I still enjoy my Parsecs.
Stereofool had a write up

Dimensions: 47" (1194mm) H by 12" (305mm) W by 16" (406mm) D. Weight: 92 lbs (42kg) each.
Does anyone know what woofer is used in this speaker. I need a replacement for another of Dave Focos designed speakers and think he may have used the same in this Icon Parsec.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.