Anyone have a Magnum Dynalab XM Tuner?

I currently have a Polk XM Tuner playing it through the DAC in my Cambridge Audio 840C CD player and it sounds pretty okay, but I am wondering how much better it would sound with one of the multi-thousand dollar tuners from Magnum Dynalab?
I posted re. the 609t a couple of weeks ago and asked this question. I also have the xrt12 going into a mega thousand dac--AA Prestigi se.--Same result--low-fi.--In fact my TWC box sound much better.
Howdy all,

I recently purchased the MD606T. Previously owned the Polk. Did not run it through a separate DAC.

Comparisons between the two units. They aren't even close.

The MD certainly shows the limited bandwidth / upper frequency response inherent to XM but on the stations I listen to, which are the Classical, VOX, Real Jazz, and the Beyond Jazz stations, the sound is engaging / dimensional with a liquidity that sounds quite analogue in nature. Can't provide input on the other stations because the quality you hear or won't hear is station / track dependant.

The mid bass, lower bass is fully fleshed out, voices are fluid, and overall musical presentation is suprisingly good.

FYI, my system consists of the Martin Logan Summits, Pass Labs 250.5 amp, Conrad Johnson Premier 18 LS preamp, the Esoteric SA60 CDP, and the Furman Elite 20Pfi PLC along with Mapleshade and Cardas wiring.

I really didn't expect much after my experience with the Polk unit so I purchased the MD through Audio Advisor, which offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Units takes two to three days to burn in but once that's done, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Highly recommended.

Thanks GG, for your input and a correction on the model #. I'm glad for you -- that you are happy with your tuner.
How you have described the sound, sounds at the least; like what I get from my TWC cable box--/dac combo. I have thrown lots of loot at this combo w/ pcs,ics,dig.linc--But I'm sure it is well worth the effort/money.
However using all these same pieces and just a different tuner box yeilds a sad result.

On to XM--- What is up with the truncated info??? I always like to know which orchestra is playing---???? People don't mind this?? I do; mind.--- Maybe they need to launch another bird so we can have the same song info that MC(cable-radio) offers???
I do know the secret is in the digital conversion board. I had MSB mod my old D* rec. The board they used to change the optical to a coax was crap/ for $500. I had Theta scrap the MSB board; install their own; and the result was magic. I was with Directv and they included the major XM music stations. THAT sound was all that TWC is. (using this Theta moded receiver.)
I do have an open mind and I leave open whether or not I would like this 4k tuner---My mind just can't get around not being able to use my 13k dac for what I believe to be a similar signal from the sky.
There are two models the 606T and the 609T (AG), I would definitely think only about the 606 the other being out of reach. I appreciate the information on the sound! (Bubby) To be honest your description is like what I am getting on the Polk unit through the DAC, I wasnt happy about it at all before that, but would like to have less compression and more higher end and was just wondering about other people's experience with Magnum/Dynalab, not sure I am ready for the plunge but the thirty day money back does make it tempting!
Anyone selling theirs? If so please email thank you.
I would love to have a MD XM radio tuner.