Anyone have a Luxman headphone amp?

How do you like it? What were you using before it? I have some Focal Stellia's and a 1/4" Black Dragon cable I am going to stick with. Currently using two very nice vintage pre amps and wanted to see if the sound would be any better off a dedicated headphone amp.


@soix The Luxman will probably make the Susvara sounds lovely.

It will probably give me 90-95% of what the Susvara is capable of but I didn’t get the Susvara to hear only 95% of its capability.


I think I’m going to look into getting a Benchmark AHB2 and selling the Luxman... Which will break my heart cuz it’s an amazing amplifier.

Yeah, that’s no doubt a different sound profile.  Maybe u can find something closer to the Luxman?  I feel ur pain man.