Anyone have a Klyne SK-2a loading chart?

The chart for setting the dipswitches on my Klyne SK-2a has gone missing. I have one for an SK-1, but I don't remember if they are exactly the same. Anyone have one they could copy and e-mail or fax, or I would be happy to buy one if anyone happens to have an SK-2a owner's manual they don't need or want.

I would be most appreciative.


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The # for Klyne audio is 1-360-273-8477 or E mail Stan Klyne at for what your looking for. They are really friendly people having dealt with them when i sent my 5A to be modified.
Happy Holidays
Hey Jim,

Thanks for the response. I have been under the same impression about Klyne, but I posted this thread only after 2 e-mails to them have gone unanswered. Maybe I'll try giving them a call on the telephone to see what is up.