Anyone have a comment on the Wadia 270se Upgrade?

I have sent my Wadia 27 in for the ix V.3 upgrade and purchased a little used 270. I am considering sending the 270 in for the "se" upgrade. Has anyone else done this or heard the difference? I run the 27 directly into ARC CL 150 monos (balanced) to Thiel CS 5i.

You may also want to consider sending it to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. Steve had worked at both ARC and Wadia and now has his own company specializing in high-end mods, mostly for ARC and Wadia products. I've had him do my ARC LS-2B and the results were fantastic and worth every penny. I recently had the opportunity to do a direct A/B comparison between my amp and a friends bone-stock LS-2B and we unanomously agreed the improvements were significant. I've also read some great reviews of folks who have had him do upgrades on their Wadia gear. Do a search here and on AudioAsylum (digital) under "Huntley" or "Great Northern" and see if you can find some input there. Also, you could phone or email Steve to get more specific information.

Just another possibility for you.

This is going to be virtually useless to you, as I've not heard the 270, but did hear the 270se (and spent a lot of time with the 861).

I heard the 270se at Wadia's headquarters (they're hosting one of our upcoming headphone hi-fi meets next week), and the system I heard there with the 270se sounded fantastic, for what it's worth.

Good luck with your decision.

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Does anyone know how much the SE upgrade cost?
I was told $1,995.
factory confirmed $1995.