Anyone has Marsh amp ?

I'm seriously thinking of buying their A-400S amp but other than one review in TAS I can't find any other opinions or reviews. Any owners care to comment ?
I am in the same boat, I am very interested in the A-400S but find it hard to find information. I have contacted Marsh though and if you want more power wait, there will be an A-400 monoblock and another model with even more power! They are both due out in March. And no I do not work for marsh and or sell there product, feel free to send me an email and we can compare notes on what we have found, Tim.
Contact Johnathan of Goldman Audio. Email address,
There is shop in Phoenix AZ, Called Speakers Ect, that are carrying March Amps and maybe Preamps not sure on those. Nice looking stuff. Not sure of there number, but it's in the 602 area code, call info.
I have heard the Marsh 400 amp and it sounded very good. I also had a chance to audition the 200 which sounded very similar but obviously a little less power. After some careful consideration and some arm twisting by Klaus Bunge, I went out and bought the Odyssey stratos amp with an upgrade kit. It is rated at 150 watts per channel and the sound and build quality is phenomenal. I believe as good as the Marsh amps are the build quality is as good as if not better with the stratos. I was impressed with the article in TAS on the Marsh amp, but I think,though I'm not sure, that Marsh himself had done quite a few articles in this magazine or had worked for them at one point. There is no underestimating his genious in that he designed some great sounding Spectral gear, but I am a little skeptical about the review. If you are looking at 2000.00 total you can buy 2 Stratos amps in a monoblock configuration for a little over 1800.00 and will be blown away by the sound. I believe in mono form it is rated at 240 watts per channel though I'm not positive. Odyssey is a direct descendent of the German Symphonic Line. I have the stereo version and it has no problem driving my power hungry Platinum Solo's. There is also a 20 year warranty and the customer service is great to deal with. I believe there is a reference to the sound of the odyssey to the 200 marsh in this months TAS magazine where the Odyssey is described as extremely transparent. This review was done with the standard amp with no upgrade kit. The owner of Odyssey says there is a substantial difference in sound quality with upgrade. In mono form it is standard. There are numerous reviews at audioreview in which it has the highest rating for all amps. I am only giving you a suggestion because it doesn't seem you are totally leaning toward the Marsh without a little more info. The Odyssey has quite a few reviews at its website if you want to check it out at Good luck and if I know of another review on the Marsh I will let you know.
Thanks for info on Odyssey. I've read great review on their amps too. Being overseas is a definite disadvantage especially dealing with factory direct goods. There is no place to audition them. Reviews are the only things we have to depend on.
The A400 is made in Thailand. Ouchhhh....
I would contact Galen Carol, very knowledgeable and friendly, good prices. He is Marsh dealer, and has large selection of other lines, you usually can talk to him when you call his Texas store,
I picked up the Marsh from Galen Carol Audio about a year ago and find it to be an outstanding amp, both sonically and in terms of build. It's had no problems in driving the difficult low impedence Martin Logan CLS IIz's.
Ry there's a Marsh dealer here in the states that you could contact; they do deal internationally & you might even be able to arrange for an audition. Chicago area: HOLM Audio in Woodridge Illinois 630-663-1298. From my experience as a customer, Mike Holm is pretty good dealing with.
Ryllau, I've got a Marsh 400 and I love it. I can't speak to the Odyssey, although it sounds like a good deal. But, I do love the transparency and neutrality of the Marsh. I'd stack it up against some very expensive gear - I have, and it sounded great. I haven't listened to an amp for under $5,000 that I'd prefer, and it took me two years of listening before I bought the Marsh - I nearly lost my girl friend in the pursuit!
There is a review on the Marsh pre/power combo in the British hi-fi rag "Hi-Fi+". It is in one of the last few issues.
Hi I have the A200 and It is a terrific amp especially for the money. I listened to the Bel Canto EVO amp and thought the Marsh was better. Hope this helps.---I have not heard the A400 and would be interested in the differences.