Anyone has listened to the DeHavilland GM70 SET?

I am wondering if any audiophiles and/or musiclovers have a chance to listen to the combination of DeHavilland Ultraverve and GM70 SET monoblocks please having comments about the sound of this new russian single-ended tubes.
There is a review of the DeHavilland GM-70 amps in Jazz Times.

I've been listening to a pair of the GM-70s with the SF Amati Homage for about 3 weeks, and the reviewer is spot on, IMO. Feels as if the musicians are in the room, even with music that I don't usually listen too, I'm compelled to keep listening, feels like it would be rude to walk out on them.

There is just a little amp noise - speakers are 92 db, but this is the older version of the amps, DeHavilland made changes in the new version that are supposed to be quieter. I imagine these amps would do very well on less efficient speakers.
great on small scale stuff- fell apart on larger- plus the transformers run hotter than I expected- perhaps they were underspec'd fpr the power requirements- I am no engineer though, but have a buddy that designs/builds amps and when we looked them over, he also thought they ran a bit warm.
My ears hear true "alive" performance in the GM70 monos. I believe it only gives the appearance of running hot,because it is in the huge GM70 tube,not the transformer. In fact here is quote from Kara the designer of this amp from deHavilland GM70:

The single output tube is part of the story. All the musical information is happening in the same time and phase. Your ears then have an easier time reconstructing the image. Also the power supply in the Aries is very overbuilt. A good amplifier is like a pyramid. Nine tenths of the amp is really power supply, and one tenth is the audio circuit proper. You want the power supply wagging the audio, rather than the audio wagging the power supply. Our power transformer , for example, could easily run two amplifiers. By overbuilding here, the supply voltage sags very little when large demands are put on the amplifier.

I have heard nothing to date that pours more liquid gold into my soul than this fine amp. It does all right as far as I am concerned.