Anyone has experince with PSC Pure Silver Connec,?

I am looking for high-end Interconnects and Speaker cables.Presently using Siltech SQ80(interconnects),Siltech SQ100 and Stereovox (speaker cables).Heard good things about PSC PURE SILVER CONNECTION cables- Australian company, also recommended by Larry Greenhil from Stereophile. My system consists of Burmester 969 and 970, Burmester 808MK5 , Gamut M250, German physiks PQS202 MK II. Also thinking of upgrading the Power Amplifier - suggestions welcome.
I have not heard of them but I do have experience with Siltech. I have replaced most of my Siltechs with Pure Note at a far lower price. You may want to consider trying both if you can get a 30 day trial.
I haven't used the PSC speaker cable, but I have been using a pair of pure silver speaker cables obtained through German Physiks a couple of years ago. I also have the German Physiks PQS 202 speakers -- the ones with the current version of the DDD. I tried a variety of cables with these speakers and the pure silver ones sound best to me (so far).
How long have you had the German Physiks speakers? How do you like them? I used various versions of the Quad ESL63 (mostly the full Crosby mod version) for many years, and the German Physiks were the only speakers which offered an improvement on my favorite music, small group jazz.
Hi Wlowehiscom,good to know someone has the German Physiks 202. I used to have the Acapella Violin ( 3years ) driven by Wavac 805M beatiful top-end. Overall I am very happy with PQS202( about 10 months ).Right now I am using Gamut M250 monos,combination of PSC silver XLR , PSC Silver Biwire(top-mid), and NBS Extreme Statement for the sub, so far the combinations are working quite well. Always looking out for a used power amp. mininum of 300W at 8 Ohms eg Boulder1060.I think PQS202 do like more power for control. What do think about ASR Emitter ll ? Good luck.
Sorry for the very long delay -- I haven't heard the Emitter. Lately I've been using the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300, with which I've been very pleased.
I agree that the PQSD 202s need plenty of juice for optimum performance.
What amp did you settle on?
Hi Wlowehiscom, I have changed my system since. Due to financial reason, I had to trade Burmester system. Now they are Metronome T2i CD, Boulder 2010 and Boulder 1060;Pure silver connection XLRs, Stereovox and NBS statement speaker cables (biwires).Recently added Cerabase,Cerapuc and ceraball.Although Boulder 2060 might be better, so far I am very please with the 1060.Everything sounds wonderful and enjoy my music even more. Highly recommending CERA products!