Anyone has experience with Sheer Audio's 01A DHT preamp?

An eBay member from Taiwan is selling them at around USD $430 per unit plus shipping.   Looks very promising, 6x gain, sweet 01A tubes, etc.  However, there is virtually no review nor feedback except one blogger from England.

Any feedback and insight is greatly appreciated!
 I used to use a Sheer Audio phono pre amp. Excellent little 2 box tubed unit. Excellent  sound and build quality. Considerable bang for the buck.

Thanks winoguy17.  I pulled the trigger on that 01A DHT preamp this morning and will update on what I think about it.  Thanks again!
The 3rd generation of this preamp finally arrived after much wait, as the eBay seller Q/A the unit for me, making sure it has no hum, pristine cosmetics, etc, before shipping out to me.

This isn't any formal review nor I am affiliated with Sheer Audio.   The preamp is very sensitive to isolation and power cord.  Dead quiet, hum free, very smooth and intimate, less tubey-sounding than I expect.   It's hard to find something less than $2k in used market to sound like this.  

We shall see how it sounds after a few more weeks of listening.

The setup ... iMac music server -> LogiTech Transporter -> dCS Purcell/Delius -> Sheer Audio DHT preamp -> either an DIY 46 tube SET or Ayon Triton or an DIY Cary 805 AE clone using 211 tube -> either Legend Mk II (pre Von Gaylord) or Kharma CRM 3.2 FE.  All Gabriel Gold Reflection cables.  Kharma power cords.

Bart Simpson,

You didn't finish the review.  How about it?