Anyone has experience with Mcintosh EQ?

I am wondering about the possibility of purchasing a Bass Eq by Mcintosh labs. Does anyone have experience with the Environmental Equalizers, from the Mq 101- Mq 105? Any feedback would be appreciated.

PS: Focus in transparency and sound quality in your comments.

I have the 107, which is very similar to the 105. The 107 is balanced, which I needed. If you are biamping and can put the eq after the active cross-over these are really terrific devices. Unfortunately, if you put them on the top end as well, they are not entirely transparent. They add the slightest bit of haze to the upper octaves. When we are spending ridiculous dollars on cables to get all the signal as pure as possible--this really goes against that goal. If you can limit it to bass only--it works remarkably well--and very affordable.
I own a MQ101. The manual states that these eq's are made to co-inside with Mac speakers and may cause other speakers to be over-drivin, which, of course is not good.
I use an MQ-107 equalizer. This is inline with a C34V and MC500 and XRT 20 loudspeaker. Does exactly what it intended to do.