Anyone has experience with Audio-gd Reference 7.1

Does anyone have experience with this BB1704 based DAC? How does it compare to other DACs?

Thanks and best regards,

Yes I have a friend that has a GD-7.1. I have spent a good amount of time listening to it. I have the wyred for sound Dac-1 with the Dac -2 cap upgrade. The 7.1 audio-gd clearly out classes it. The Wyred is no piece of junk,but the gd7.1 just sounds so smooth and effortless . It is very large and very heavy also. But Hey! who can't live with that for such a great sound. I have not listened to all the good dacs that are out there.
So I guess I can't judge them in comparison . But if you can find the reviews on the net about the 7.1---I do agree with what they say. I must work on getting one!! If there is anything else you need to ask---feel free.
PS-- I have only listened with Cds and not with USB or other inputs. But it was with some of the best tube audio gear out there.
Hope that helps-----Steve