Anyone has Dunlavy V impedance Curve?

Thanks in advance. All I have is Min, Max and Nominal values, which is around 2.5, 3.5, 3.0 respectively, (Although I am not sure these values are correct for one of the last Batch of Vs rolled out back in 97).
I am currently auditioning a tube amp monos and would like to match appropriate tappings (the amps has 2, 4 and 8 ohms. Have been searching thru the web but having no luck.


I don't believe this is an exact science so you will need to experiment with the various taps for best performance, even if you find the curve for the SC V. Also, I would be suspect of min/max impedance variation of only 1.0 ohms.

My Duntech Princess (sibling product) has a variation of just under 3 ohms up to 7 ohms and this is less than most plots I've seen. My minimum (2.? ohms) at 100 to 150 cycles and maximum (7.0) at 45 cycles are both within the range of my woofers (<500 Hz) so where would I match an impedance tap based on that?

Anyway, great speakers so I hope you find a satisfactory amp.
i have found that 4 ohms for the bigger ones does the trick. I think they are float around 6 and then go down.
I dug up hard copy of spec sheet for the Dunlavy Vs and late 97 and earlier models shows to have impedance as follows: (I could distinct earlier and late values by difference in their prices in the spec sheet)

Late 90's : Nominal 3 ohms, Min 2, Max 4
Early 90's : Nominal 4 ohms, Min 3, Max 5.5

Sounds (;-)) like 4 ohm is best bet. Thanks Pryso and Mothra!