Anyone has any info/exp on Counterpoint NPM monos?

I'd like to know about it's sonic signature, ability to drive low impedance/insensitive spkr like MG3.5...etc. Any info will help, thanks!
are you asking about the actual Natural Progression Monos, or what M Elliot is doing with his older amps, modifying them to be called NPMs?

I have been looking for the Original NPM Monoblocks myself, Have you found a pair?
Hi Justlisten,
Yes, I got a pair. It's the original NPM. I'm wondering if you have heard or know of anyone who has any exp with it. One of the reasons I'm asking is, if it is worthwhile to spend $3-4K at Mike's to mod it.
I cannot speak for your mono's.But I have had Mike mod a SA20 and a SA1000 and it was worth it.Good luck,Bob
First you have to find Mike. He hasn't returned any of the several emails I sent him in the last month.