Anyone has a sound like that ? Impressive.

Great speakers and even better amp. Source can be improved but it's very good already.
How about this ?

Why don't we stop listening to garbage. Either of those would do for me.
They all seem to sound the same through my computer speakers.  :)
So if you played the same track on your system directly, does it sound worse than playing it through the you tube system?

They all seem to sound the same through my computer speakers. :)

I use Grado headphones.
Lansche/Ypsilon system would be my first choice, overall it sounds better than anything else I could find. Rockport/Absolare might be better for electric music, rock, big orchestra, it has more power and scale.
Ypsilon electronics appears to be very very special.
Wilson and Magico sound ridiculous to my ear, by the way. Harbeth is pretty good but no bass.
I also liked Classic Audio/Atma-Sphere set-up, a little boring though.
JM Labs Grand Utopia/VAC has its strengths but no character and is somewhat bright.

Another brand that caught my attention was Gryphon. It has a dark deep powerful sound, can be great for certain types of music - blues, neo-classical, goth, jazz fusion. The designer is an interesting person.
Lamm was fine but I didn't care for Kharma speakers it was driving. Kondo has a nice tone but no dynamics power or bass. Nagra and CH made zero impression on me.

Zanden, Cessaro, Tripoint system.

VAC/Grand Utopia
Engstrom, Cessaro, Wadax, Tripoint

Gryphon system. Now that's a sound too. Digital source.
vac / grand utopia boooiingg!
First thing I would do with VAC/Grand Utopia set-up is to replace the table and cartridge, the table is lazy and has no real drive, the cartridge is bright and not coherent enough. Then I would replace those no name Shunyata cables, I don't think they can compete at this level. Replace with what? I would try a few - Purist Audio top of the line single crystal silver, Dominus alloy ferox and Neptune single crystal copper fluid; also, Kubala Sosna, Jorma, Echole and HB Cable Design. And the last thing I would do - tube rolling.
As it is now, no, I would take instead three others I posted - Ypsilon/Lansche, Absolare/Rockport or Gryphon.
What is also remarkable of the Ypsilon/Lanshe/Thales/HB cables system is that it should work very well in normal size rooms not 2000 sqf rooms, and those Ypsilons and Lansches are in fact their entry level models except the phono stage, I think. And in terms of the cost, it is of course very expensive, over $100k, I guess, but still not hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I wouldn't expect to find it used - few would want or/and be able to upgrade it. It would be interesting to compare different electronics with Lansche speakers - Lamm, VAC, Gryphon, Absolare, some Japanese high-end tube amps.