Anyone had this problem? Cary CD 303/300 Skip

After about 6 hours of continuous play (single CD), the system starts to skip during track play. Is it overheating? Is it just having a problem with repeating the tracks (should I actually stop working and change it?). :) I will probably have to bring it in but was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue.
Try this b4 you bring it in: Power it down and unplug it. Leave it off for at least an hour or preferably overnight. The software may just be confused and this could allow it to reset.
May sound silly but this worked with an AA Capitole player of mine.
If you have 3000+ hours on it, the laser assembly may be beginning to go.
My friend bought a Cary 303, and had to return it 2 or 3 X's for issues, all within the first few months. Simuliar to what you are having. This was 3 yrs ago, I'd figure they have those problems ironed out by now.
Thanks for the info.

I only have about 400 hours on it. Leaving it off for awhile works, as you suggested, or even swapping discs, and certainly does peek at being software related. It may be worth bringing in if they do have some kind of a software update. After buying this baby new, it would great to be able to use it reliably while I work. :)