Anyone had power supply failure with an AVID TT?

I've owned my AVID Sequel for less than a month, and in that time, the power supply has stopped in midstream of playback on 3 occasions. The power supply remains on, but PLAY mysteriously switches OFF during album play. I owned the Volvere for less than a year, and had to return my power supply on two separate occasions due to it completely failing. THe first time it happened, it simply wouldn't turn 'ON', and the second time, the supply turned 'ON', but wouldn't initiate the spinning of the platter. Customer service was excellent, and AVID replaced the entire Volvere drive train. Things went perfectly smoothly for 3 months, and being so happy, I decided to upgrade to the Sequel. Now, one month into owning the Sequel, this automatic 'shut off' has occurred on three occasions. I went through the trouble of measuring my AC voltage over the period of an entire weekend, and noted the voltage to fluctuate between 117 - 122 volts. Has anyone else owning an AVID TT ever experienced a power supply problem? I do love this table, but these power supply issues are very distressing. Thanks for any input.
I've had my Volvere for more than 2 years and have never experienced any problems. Could there be some surges in your power that are taking out the power supply?
Never had that issue with my Sequel. Had it for over a year and bought it used. Contact music Direct, I forget the mans name, but the importer has alot of knowledge on the table. Also when i have emailed Avid they have always answered fast.
I did measure the AC voltage over one weekend, and the only fluctuation noted was between 117-122 volts. With the Volvere, I had the TT plugged into a Bryston Isolation Transformer (BIT15), and the BIT'S voltage was a measured 125 volts at its outlets. I spoke with Conrad regarding my set up at the time, and it was decided the Bryston BIT may have been at the heart of my Volvere power supply issue. I sold the BIT 15, and replaced it with a Shunyata Research alpha 6. After receiving an entirely new Volvere power train from AVID, I proceded to plug it only into the AC wall receptacle. 3 months followed - no issues - loved what I was hearing - did the upgrade. The Sequel problem is unique in that the power supply remains on, and only the playback stops. With the Volvere, the power supply went completely dead. The first time it happened, I couldn't even turn it on. And the second time it died, as stated initially, this weird buzz occurred when play was initiated - the platter didn't commence spinning, and I had to send it back again! The second time it occurred, I hadn't had the power supply back in my system a week before it died for the second time. Eeeks!! Regardless, I love this table and I'm committed to AVID - I do believe in the product, not to mention it does sound amazing. I'm very curious to discover if I may be the only person to have ever experienced an AVID power supply hiccup? Maybe there's some mysterious black cloud hovering over me that I'm unaware of. Thanks for any input at all by anyone.
Well 117-122V is a perfectly middle of the road range of volage swings (wish mine was that good). So I'd look into other possibilities than just the voltage range. Not to say that the power coming from your sockets isn't the problem. But if those are your voltage swings, they are well within normal voltage parameters.
Could static be the culprit?

When I first set up my Michell Orbe SE in my old house, the power supply would mysteriously switch from 33rpm to 45rpm and vice versa mid-play. There's a button on the power supply that you push to do so, and the light indicator would go from green to red to indicate that the speed has changed.

The Michell engineer figured out that it was due to static build-up after I walked across the room on carpet. So I touched the rack to dissipate static before I touch the turntable each time, and the problem went away.

Just a thought.

Thanks so much FrankC. I appreciate your feedback - and everyone else - thank you as well.
no never
Had mine for years (Volvere to Sequel SP) no problems. Talk with Bes at Music Direct. Avis's tables have a 10 yeas warranty.
This is a problem that seems to afflict many respected turntable brands.
Like Gundam I also suspect static as a possible cause. Several years ago my supply started behaving erratically and, suspecting static, I routinely started discharging myself on the power block's external earth terminal before handling.

Another possibility is the emergence of tin whiskers since the widespread adoption of unleaded solder. Any item manufactured since 2001/2002 is at risk from this phenomenon. To manufacturers credit they've got the problem surprisingly under control - largely by avoidance of reactive materials and heat-stressing assemblies to purge the likelihood of any intermetallic effects.
It's a good argument in favour of buying classic amps that pre-date this period and reconditioning them (with leaded solder.... :)