Anyone had hum issue with Creek 5350se Integrated?

I'm thinking of buying a creek 5350se for my bedroom system, but I've heard of some owners having hum problems with it - anyone have that experience? I live in a 90 year old house & some of the wiring is funky.
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I have a new Classic version and a house with old and poorly grounded wiring. I get some hum off of older dynaco equipment, some more that others. However, no hum from the Creek 5350 SE Classic.
I have a 1920 3-story house and a 1st-generation Creek 5350SE, purchased this winter on AudiogoN. It developed an annoying hum last month after I upgraded my cd player from a Sony PS1 (which I never turned off) to a Marantz SA8001. My solution, discovered yesterday, is to turn the Marantz on first, then the Creek - no trace of a hum.

I should point out, however, that my inexpensive Sony CD player never caused the amp to hum... not sure why that was.