Anyone Had Extended Listening Experience With MBL?

Has anyone had the pleasure, listening for extended periods to any of the MBL speakers? If so, how many hours, which speakers & what electronics were driving them? Speaker wires, interconnects? Your thoughts & how engaging did you find them? Thanks.
prof: the only ones I could reach for would be the 120RC's. Wishful thinking that I could possibly own the 101's. I admire avsjerry's friend, going for the DIY approach. How did they ever turn out?
AVSJerry, ever get the chance to hear your friend's generic Radialstrahlers?
I am using full MBL ref line, except the DAC and speaker. from my childhood i grown up with front firing speaker. though i choose mbl after impressed by MBL 121 speaker. BUT my experience with 101, 111f lead me to ditch their speaker line. Now i am driving 9008A with Gryphon Pantheon, bit bass heavy but focusing detail and timber is good for my taste than MBL radial speakers. my cables are Siltech Royal Sig. except the speaker cable is VALHALLA. i found Siltech Prince is not good enough with MBL- Gryphon combo. transparent does good job but the choking feeling you cant hide, yet best Soun-staging produced by Transparent cables. if you like transparent then you r saved but i wish i know Nordot before, than all my cables would be Nordost. however the SILTECH IC, DIGITAL cables and AC power cords are good compare with NORDOST valhalla line. BUT Speaker cable is where SILTECH IS killed brutally in the hand of VALHALLA ( yup i am talking about valhalla 1, i dare not to try V2).   
Hi, I had the astonishing experience to listen to the MBL101E MkII (as well as to the 101 Extreme, but this is definitely out of range and not fitting by any means to my hearing room) on the High End 2019 fair in Munich. I have to say that I was flashed by the performance.
In the next weeks I will try to visit the local dealer here to find out whether the more affordable models (116, 111) are a big compromise.

At the same time, I am wondering which amplifier can drive the MBL speakers, especially when considering some budget constraints. I am aware that you probably need quite a lot of power and especially current capabilities. Has anyone of you had the chance to hear or test the MBLs with Musical Fidelity amps? I think about either the M8 models (M8 700m or M8 500s) or even their integrated Nuvista amps (Nu-Vista 800 or 600).
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