Anyone had experince with J J Electronics?

I looked at the ad for J J Electronics' pre-amp. Looks quite nice (but lacks the requiste remote control). Anyone have one or heard one or know something about it and the company? Thanks, people.
I know nothing about the preamp. My purchase at J/J was a Sony dual cassette deck - a commodity item. The entire transaction was flawless and the salesperson was helpful. Best of luck.
The J J Electronics company I'm talking about is the Slovakian tube amp and pre-amp manufacturer, not the superstore by same name in, I think, New York. Check out the ad in Tube Pre-amps. Beautiful stuff but I know nothing about the unit.
My friend swears by his $5000 300B set amp from JJ. He has them driving his lowthers. I have also heard great things about their tubes. I believe their products are top notch, all meticulously handmade in Slovakia and provide great value. When I go tubes I will go with JJ, as the Canadian distributor is a few blocks from my house.
I'm not sure if you are the same guy who emailed me, if so, disregard.

I bought a JJ Electronics 243 preamp a few months ago and I am very happy with it. It has a very good MM/MC phono stage as well. I directly compared it to a Modulus 3A and a BAT VK-3i. It beat both of them, but the contest was a little closer with the AI than with the BAT, where it clearly outshined that preamp.

Build quality is very good and it is quite a handsome piece. I feel it is quite a bargain at the asking price.