Anyone Had Experience with USB Ground Isolators?

I stumbled on a website about how isolating the ground on your USB connection to your DAC could be a good thing, so I ordered an inexpensive "ground isolator" (powered by the USB cable) and it seemed to make a noticeable difference, streaming from Tidal, slight increase in the clarity, especially in the midrange.

I've had this installed for a while, being in the back of a wall unit, forgot I had it.

Upgraded my streaming machine from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Pro and noticed, the most I could get my DAC to do (on the USB connection) was 96/24.  After a lot of back and forth with the great people at PS Audio, I found that, installing their USB driver, I could not get Windows to do 192/24.  Then I remembered I had this "isolator" installed, took it out of the equation, uninstalled and reinstalled the PS Audio driver and "boom", 192/24 appeared in Windows!

Doing a little more research and found a product from Schiit called "Wyrd", sometimes referred to as a "USB decrapifier", it specifically notes that it can handle hi-rez, and is powered by plugging it into an AC outlet.

The schiit Wyrd is useless and be aware that they charged me 50% to return it.

Try the Intona, Recovery, Regen or the very best the Mutec +3usb.

I am now using the iFi/AMR USB 3.0 with Windows 10 to very good effect and without any snags with hires 24/192 or dsd. 

With the USB 3.0, the ground switch is kept on all the time as instructed in the manual unless there are problems communicating with the PC server. So far,  no problem at all with the  ground isolation.


I had owned the ifi 3.0 and it was good. But the Intona and the Mutec are way better!

Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, the 2 makes you mentioned are not available where I live. 
The USB 3.0 is definitely making very good music now. 

J. :)


Both come from Germany. I ordered the Intona direct through there website. The Mutec is available in the USA.

I second the Intona
It is called a galvonic isolater and of all the devices the only one that made a significant improvement in sound
Order on the internet directly from Itona
Thanks everyone, I'll check out Itona.  BTW,  streaming Tidal without it sounds just great, always looking to make it sound better.
Ozzy, where in the USA is the Mutec available from?

Just visited the Intona website.
It is interesting that Intona does not split the power from the audio signal as the iFi USB 3.0 does. One would think this to be essential as the ideal solution to lower usb noise from the computer.

It generates its own 5V. Its whole purpose is to isolate the dac from the computer. It also regenerates the data signal.


There are several dealers in the USA for the Mutec. Just go to the Mutec website.

Here is one.

Thanks.  Will check it out.  
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it is kind of ridiculous to me that all usb dacs do not include galvanic isolation and that stereophile tests only on battery power. 

all dacs need to have this built in and tesed for it.


I take it back.  It's ridiculous that all DAC's don't have galvanic isolation on all metal conductors.  Obviously, optical cables don't need it, but it's so cheap, no so-called audiophile DAC should avoid it.