Anyone had an Ayre xe version updated to MP yet?

Curious on opinions of perceptions of the MP upgrade on Ayre C7xe or C5xe? Any real world comments?
I was told (by Ayre) they won't be ready to take appointments 'til the end of March.
Not surprising, typical Ayre - they release a product when it's done even if it takes a little more tweaking when they thought they were done.
I have had my C-5xe upgraded. The difference is substantial: better focus, larger soundstage, imaging improved considerably. In all, it brings me much closer to the music...

At USD200 I cannot think of a better investment...
I agree with Simonw! I just got mine back yesterday and was up late last night with a new romance. I really think they have found the "analog" sound for digital. Not really more information but the information is presented with a clarity and placement I have never heard with CD. I would say "MP" stands for Mighty Pleasing. May get a dust cover for the TT.
>>>May get a dust cover for the TT.
Interesting choice of words. I certainly don't intend to retire my vinyl rig, but I have put a temporary ban on buying new vinyl pressings (which tend to cost substantially more than CDs - the reverse situation compared to 20 years ago!) until after I get my CX-7e upgraded. The reason being that the CDP already sounds pretty damned good, surrendering just a bit of texture and liquidity to vinyl (provided that the vinyl is in good shape) but also having a touch more bass definition. I figure there's a pretty fair chance that I'll consider the MP upgrade to erase the small advantage my vinyl rig currently enjoys.
Rufipennis, I actually won't drop the LP playing. But for now I am enjoying re-listening to my favorite CD's. I guess my point was that the C5xe-mp is that good. If you haven't done your CX-7e, I can only recommend get it in line. I think my appointment was about 3 weeks out. I would assume that line will get longer as word spreads.
Hi Bar81,

While it is true that we often show prototypes at trade shows, we (usually!) get it right before we start shipping production units. Both the C-5xe MP and the CX-7 MP are shipping now and have been for over a month.

The difference is the upgrade kits. We can upgrade a C-5xe right now (and have been taking appointments for over a month). However, the CX-7e MP *upgrade kit* is not ready yet. I would expect that we will be taking appointments sometime in April, but won't take appointments until the upgrade is ready.
Thanks for the information Mr. Hansen; I wasn't implying anything other than Ayre releases a product when it's ready and not before (this was most recently demonstrated with the KX-R). In any case, thank you for your efforts regarding upgrades (in their various forms) relating to existing products.