anyone had a listen to the b w 803d's

Went to dealer in tucson,bad room,bad equipment driving them..
they are great speakers , i have owned them, they are good with rotel, big power, low pricing, but the mid with them is mucical fidelity and the best is audio research...
Lots of competition at that price point.

Take a look at Vandersteen, Von Schweikert, Verity, Focal, Revel, Eggleston, Piega, etc.

All are much better values at every B&W price point which is basically a dinosaur living off a reputation IMO.

I have no financial interest in any product mentioned.
There might be better values, but the 803D's are nice speakers. I liked them the few times I heard them. The 802D I thought was going to be incredible and really was just mediocre.
I agree 100% with S7horton. They are a good speaker and I have liked them every time I have heard them (even on cheap rotel stuff). But there are better deals out there.

To me B&W (I have owned a few) have a slight coloration in the upper mids. But that can also give them a very sweet lush sound. I feel the highs on the all the Ds are top notch and possibly of my favoritt of any brand.

There are some used Wilson Sophias on here for $6,000 which IMO would better the 803Ds.

As always uses your own ears.
The 803Ds are amazing speakers, but the 802Ds are better. Best to listen to them in your own room, if possible.
I have thought about the sophias,just worried my room is to small for them and im running a jefrowland M112,if it would have the power to drive them the way i want.
yes i have heard the 802d's there just more then i want to spend, im looking to spend 6k-on used.
I have to strongly disagree with those referring to B&W as a dinosaur brand living off it's reputation .Few others spend the resources on R+D that B&W does.I can almost bet we will see a completely revamped line for the B&W 800 series within a year or so.Now, back to the original question.I had the 803D for about a year. They are good speakers and very well balanced but I agree almost all B+Ws are overpriced. However at around 5-6K used you can't go wrong.
Budt?-what did you use to power ,pre and source.

the day i listen to them was marantz and pioneer and they sounded flat and not very dynamic.
I used a Bryston bp26 pre, bryston 4b sst amp . I had a couple of different sources, an Esoteric XO-3 SE and bryston bcd-1. However I think a used simaudio moon eclipse would be better than either of these.
Just to clarify the above post. I don't think the Simaudio eclipse is necessarily a better player than the others mentioned but in this instance I think it would suit the 803D better.
Duc999, that's probably why they sounded "flat". Marantz or any other "receiver" is not going to do the 800s justice, particularly the D models. At the very least, try them with Rotel, but match them with Classe to really hear the potential of the speakers.
Why in anyone's right mind would you pair a $9K speaker with a receiver? You simply cannot make a credible determination regarding the performance of any audio component unless the supporting components are suitable.
clarify, the marantz were power blocks biamped.

I am useing,classe pre,krell cd,jefrowland 150w amp-M112.
They sound nice but I could name ten or so other speakers at their price points that, to me at least, sound better. The brands named above (although I've not heard the Piega). Would add Sonus F and Montana.
I think the 800 series is still made in the Uk. Other than the ten thousand dollar two way and the one that looks like a snail, B and W makes their products in China. Q
I have found Marantz to sound pretty good and be very under rated. It is hard to say because B&Ws are one of the few brands that REALLY need lots of power... You can get lots of power cheap from Rotel (very cheap used). I heard The 803D back to back on Classe' amps and rotel amps. The Classe's were a bit better but if you did not hear them back to back you may not know what you were missing.

So what would you be missing with Rotel? IMO a bit of treble refinement and a touch of bass control at higher volumes.

Also most people seem to think the Sophias are pretty easy to drive but still diverse good equipment.
Yes, a few times and they never get any better...An old line with an old sound...When it comes to B&W there are better speakers at every price point