anyone gotten a scratch on component and gone mad

I was wondering if anyone has been driven crazy by getting a scratch, ding or broken piece on new, expensive gear. I hate when this happens.
I write this message from the Camirillo facility and I am doing well on my recovery. Just a few more years,they tell me.
You have my condolences.
Been there, done that, (expecially on new cars!)

This is one of the benefits of buying equipment used.
(One expects small nicks, scratches and/or dings on used equipment, and so one is not nearly so ticked off when "another" accident occurs.)

Just remember, it will sound just as good with a small nick, scratch or dent, as it did when it was pristine!
Obsessing over anything is not healthy.
Does snapping the cantilever off a brand new $5000 cartridge while setting it up count? I mean I guess I didn't scratch it did bother me a bit.

Years of therapy with a team of doctors had almost made me forget about it.....until this thread came along. Thanks buddy!!!!
I did it as a child. I was learning to ride a bicycle and my friend let go and as I wobbled along, my friends started yelling not to hit the car.. Naturally I obsessed on the car.. and hit the brand new car (with the two guys talking about it being brand new, of course) BANG! right into the door between the two guys.
I was seven. I was too cute to murder....
I agree with Kurt- that's one of the reasons I buy used.

I don't expect nicks, scratches or dings on used equipment. Infact I am surprised at how many late model pieces of equipment I see rated 7/10.
Whenever I scratch or ding something is usually when I am about to sell it, until then mint condition.
Been there.
For future reference, try to scratch the component at a 90 degree angle to current flow for minimal RF amd EM interference and impact on sound.
Time to upgrade!
Back in 2000 I bought a used Aleph P and couldn't believe how scratched up it was. Every surface had something wrong with it, including the knobs. I got it for such a low price I was just going to live with it until I found out one of the inputs didn't work.

I sent it back to the factory & they replaced every piece of metal & reworked the entire unit. They had run out of faceplates, so they ground this one down & anodized it. When I got it back, it looked brand new. They even replaced all the RCA & XLR jacks.

So to answer your question, yes, I've been to the extreme where everything had to be perfect but now I accept a few dings & scratches.
One time while moving my gear, my arm was scratched by my power amp. I was okay, but my power amp went mad and had to be carted away.
I scratch my components only when they complain of itching and a 0.1% steroid topical ointment is ineffective.
02-17-10: Cyclonicman
One time while moving my gear, my arm was scratched by my power amp. I was okay, but my power amp went mad and had to be carted away.

LOL! Alright, let's start a new thread on injuries received from components. In 2006 I tore a bicep tendon moving a BAT VK-600SE amp......good times...
I had a transmitter throw me across a room once. Seems it didn't like me touching its 220 volt area. I don't remember the flight there.