Anyone got GR Research Super V

anyone using Gr Research Super V speakers. If so what amp are you using to drive the top, it'd be 15-30 watt due to the 97db sensitivity in the upper driver.
Just curious, also what speaker cables seems to sing with these speakers.
I myself have a Decware Tori Mk III tube amp a 25 watt but haven't got it hooked up yet and my speaker wires for now are a 14 ft. pair of AudioQuest Volcano and Sky interconnects. All from old hook up. The cables seems like a good match and may help cool off such a hot rodded rig opposed to me installing my SR Absolute Reference Cables, could just be too much detail and not enough music. Just checking.
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Well, this is an old thread, but I have an answer - sort of.

I have the Super V's. I have a Decware Torii MK III. And I have Synergistic Research Telsa speaker cables.

The sort-of is because I'm burning in the V-Caps after a rebuild of the Torii... which burned. (that idea of "lifetime guarantee because Torii's never break", silly.

I've had the Torii since mid January but it never sounded well. But I can tell you that I'm pretty pleased with the sound overall. If anything, detail may be lacking, but as I mentioned, The V-Caps haven't enough time on them - maybe 50 hours now.
Yes, it was a long repair.
I'm using a speaker similar to the Super V -- the Hawthorne Audio SSI Trios. The main 15" coaxial driver is well handled by a pair of (modded) Quicksilver Audio Mini-Monos. Much more info on "optimizing" these if interested.
If if either of u guys still have your speakers this may interest u.

i found a new release of David Berning MicroZOTL 2.0 preamp/headphone amp/amp. It's class A. I parallel wire it turning it into a mono block. I have two. It's the most realistic audio I have ever heard w/o any edge or nasty. Amazing sound for 2 watts. No hum either. Berning's famous circuit produces what everyone is looking for in audio. Addictive. I've heard Magnepan Mini's sound amazing with the ZOTL40. I also bought their ZOTL10 which plays so powerfully for 10 watts and real too and again amazing. I may have found the light at the end of the tunnel it seems anyway.