Anyone got and album database for iPhone?

I came home from my favorite used vinyl emporium only to find that I had purchased an album I already owned. It's not the first time its happened and with a thousand or so cds and records its hard to remember what's lying around the house.

A database with which I could track all these records, one that could be dumped into my iPhone, would be really handy. Anyone know of one?
That would indeed be a VERY useful item, wish one existed!
If you have FileMakerPro on your Mac at home, you could add FileMakerGo which should do the job. I don't like Bento. There is something called Devonthink this is coming up for iPad but that is a giant database for everything, not a simple list-type database.

If someone knows of a better one.... Please tell us!
There are several free Barcode readers available for iPhone.

Many LPs and CD's have a bar code, maybe scan and identify in memory as already purchased software?

Don't know if this can be applied, but would sure be less work than typing in every title.
Look at "OrangeCD Catalog", it's not for the iPhone but you can publish to a webpage that you can access via Safari on the iPhone.
Actually doing the inventory would be a huge headache. Anything out there for us pc users?
Take a look at this one. I don't have any experience with it though.
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Take a look at this one. I don't have any experience with it though.
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I bought and started using the Collectorz that Dj posted.
I had my collection in MS Excel, and I imported that into Music Collectorz. I have about 1,000 CDs/LPs. Once they're in, they don't have any info attached (song list, cover art, release date, etc.) but at this point you can avoid buying duplicates. From there I hit the "Update Automatically" and it updates automatically...sort of. It goes and searches the internet for a match, and you need to individually select the best match (usually the first one on the list so you just hit "Update"). Time consuming, probably about 30 seconds per album give or take.
If you don't have a list to start with, you can put the disc into your computer's CD drive and it will read it, or buy a bar code reader and scan. I haven't done either.
Once it's in Collectorz you can easily (and quickly) dump to your iPhone. Nice.

$50 for the computer (Pro Version) and $10 for the iPod.

I have my collection cataloged in Excel, and I have the physical discs that I play out of the package and in CD binders so I never know what songs are on the discs (some are listed on the discs, some not). This allows me to see the songs on the disc on my phone as well as having the list to avoid buying something I already have.
I use CDpedia from They have a free iPod/iPhone app called Pocketpedia which works with all their apps. I load up all the info on my laptop and then I sync with my iPhone. It also connects to my Amazon wishlist so that at any time, I have what I own, what I wish I owned and who has borrowed what and when. VERY convenient.
Sebrof, is it true that Collectorz only works for items with bar codes? This would be of no use for my LP collection if so, which is what I really want it for. I do catalog in Excel, but there is no way to transfer that to my iPhone that I know of.
Learsfool - No, I did not use bar codes.
You can scan bar codes, enter each title individually, put the CD into the drive and let MC read it, or import a list (as I did from Excel).
Scanning or putting the CD into the drive should automatically import album info (tracks, release date, cover art, etc.).
Typing individually or importing a list requires MC to search online for album info.
On the iPhone, the list looks similar to iTunes but you can't play and there is other information about the album.
I also have Music Collector by on my desktop and as an app on my iPhone. I highly recommend it. Manually entering your vinyl acquisitions can be a chore but after a while, it almost becomes religion. Having your database with you when shopping has saved me from buying dups on more than one occasion.
Onemalt, could one speed up the data entry process by copying and pasting, or will I have to retype my entire database? I do have good typing skills, but would rather not retype everything if I didn't have to. I might be willing to though, if it meant having it on my phone!

There is an import feature that should allow you bring in your existing Excel spreadsheet. Check out their website for further details as I've never tried it myself.