Anyone got a source for a pair of AR Classic tweeters?

The time has come to replace tweeters in my Classic 30's.  I'm just starting my search so if anyone has a source or a pair they'd like to part with, I'm interested.  Have loved these speakers for a long time, and feel like they're worth repairing.  Not sure what happened - they've been idle for the last year, and never driven hard.  Alternatively, though I'm told they're unrepairable, if someone has a connection to a dome tweeter repair guru, I'm open to that as well.  Thanks all!  Hope everyone is getting some quality listening time in during this lockdown!
Contact Madisound for a similar pair.
Thanks, roberjerman.  Will give them a shout.
I have had similar issues when a tube or tweeter stops working. I have been surprised how easy it is to find replacements. In general (yes, in general), the tube or tweeter has a model number stamped or printed on it. Entering the number on Google usually brings up several suppliers. As a last resort, I have done what you're doing here. These days, it seems nothing is irreparable.