Anyone got a Linn Kudos tuner? Question

Bought a dead Kudos tuner(no remote) and Linn was nice enough to supply schematics for the unsupported product. Fixed the dead aspect by troubleshooting the defective muting circuitry. The other issue is that the display reverts to blank but for two bars after a minute or so. Touching any function key restores the display and it stays up as long as you are doing key operations. My downloaded user manual makes no mention of this. Anyone? Otherwise reception seems fine.
I had one years ago.
Possibly your problem may be no remote. There probably is a button to turn display off. It may be in that mode.
You could get more info at the Linn Forums. You probably can get a remote on Ebay as well.
Thanks. I have been on A gon so rarely in the last few years that I almost forgot how to log in! I am keeping my eyes open for a remote but don't see spending a large sum to get one as I listen to one station most of the time anyway. So far I have found it to be a really good sounding tuner but sensitivity only about average. Not as sensistive or quiet as the Sony ST-J75. But the Sony has issues with the RF front end and that is not detailed in the service manual, has to be replaced as a unit, no schematic! So it is being retired. Notice the Linn uses an OPA2604 output stage, same as I installed in the Sony. Better bass and mids than the Sony if not as quiet.
I'm afraid the display on the Kudos is made that way - to turn off after a few minutes going to two horizontal bars.

I like to modify tuners with LED displays by changing the color of the display. I mention this because my Kudos was doing the same thing. My research on the issue revealed that the display on the Kudos is made to do it that way, and it unfortunately can't be changed.
Well glad to hear that. SO mine is not the only one that does that. Not really a problem but since it is not mentioned in their downloadable manual, I was wondering. Reading some old forum threads I googled, it may be that the tuner at some point went to a different power supply but mine has straightforward linear supplies with a rather hulking toroid transformer off to the side. And a voltage selector on the bottom, and a bothersome PAL antenna jack. But adapters are cheap online.
Does anyone have a schematic they can share of the Kudos? Mine is behaving strangely - no output, doesn't scan, but otherwise seems to power up OK. Cheers
Hi ant, sadly no. I ended up taking it to a technician I use from time to time, but they had no luck either. One thing I did notice was that the signal strength indication (which you get to by pressing one of the buttons a couple of times) was reading 50. This led me to suspect and replace the rf mixer under the shielded can, but that didn't improve things. So, for the moment the box is sitting there unrepaired. I would love to get it going as I have a matching amp and Karik CDP, so do let me know if you make progress with yours. Good luck!