Anyone Going to the Axpona Show in March in Jackso

Going to the Axpona show in March in Jacksonville? Thoughts on this show? Is this a new show?
..i will probably be going..this is..hopefully...going to evolve into the spring version of the rmaf. this will make it easier for eastcoast audiophiles to attend a show. the spring timing also makes it far it looks like they have a fairly good representation of companies that plan on showing their products...stereophile is the sponser, i believe...
I'm going. I'm on the east coast so the location works for me. Plus with any luck the weather will be great. Beats freezing at Rmaf.
I really would like to go since I live in Florida - the most non audiophile state. We're all deaf down here. The retirees have tons of money but wouldn't dare spend it on Hi Fi or music since they just don't care. Better to buy season tickets to all the concerts so they can turn off their hearing aids and sleep. I'm not kidding, I have sat next to these people. Lets tear down that old house and build an impressive Mcmansion with an entry way big enough for a giant and a show off stainless steel and granite kitchen so muffy can boil water as we eat out in mediocre restaurants every night. We can get one of those Bose radio's for the living room. The nice man at the Outlet Mall said they were the real deal.
But, I digress. I went to the Stereophile show in Miami a billion years ago and enjoyed it alot. Don't think anything has come down this way since. I even have a friend in Jaksonville I can stay with. He has been begging us to visit for years. Probably can't do that though because he sayes our Curly Coated Retriever isn't allowed to come inside. Can you imagine not welcoming a Curly Coated Retriever? Are you listening Roger? Oh no, of course not, you are a musician, not an audiophile.
Agree; Jacksonville is a reasonably short 5 hr drive from Atlanta. Will be interesting to see how it compares to RMAF which a great show IMO...
May go. Looking for cheap fare from Newark. Hotels are expensive in the 'walk' area but I am hunting for $125 a night. Will it work? Hard to tell, given it is on the heels of CES THE, which is expensive for supplies. Would seem the bucks are better spent there, if you are a supplier. Stereophile magazine being a part of it should get some good press coverage. A first year on any show is a gamble since few know the demo's of the people demo'ing and looking. At least there are some brave people willing to gamble. But new is fun and I don't think RMAF will be impacted that much as it has been around for awhile.
Has anyone been able to determine the show hours for each day; I don't see them listed at the show site.
I'll be there - I'm only about 30 min. away ;) Finally a close show ;)
Yep, I'm planning on going. Looking forward to an infusion of audio culture into the sunshine state. Love your take on Florida Hifiharv, often true. I've been in the same concert halls with those blue haired somnambulists and their old mink stoles reeking of mothballs. Of course we should be thankful they do go and support live music, you don't see too many people under 60 or so at most classical music events.
Got an answer from Axpona on the show times: 10AM - 6:00PM each day.
Yes Photon, you are right. These orchestras and halls would go broke depending on me for support. Sometimes though, good seats are hard to get and I wish the sleepers would just stay home. It might reduce the scent of too much bad perfume and mothballs in the air. Went to see the Bacon Brothers at Sarasota's Van Wezel hall and the band was "aromatherapying" the entire space...a welcome change.
Hello I will be attending Axpona on Saturday.
I was just wondering if any other A goners will be in attendance.

This is a good opportunity for some of us that will be enjoying Axpona to meet fellow A goners.

Post here or e mail me direct.
Thanks and I look forward to seeing you there.