Anyone going to see Loreena McKennitt?

This is one musician my wife and I both enjoy so I bought tickets for a Valentine Day present. Saw her concert on PBS the other night, thought it was a little more "rock" than her CDs and I liked it. Her electric guitar dude was kicking some butt! Concert here is in early May.
Anyone else score some tickets?
I really like Loreena, and she's coming here in a few weeks. But man, those tix are expensive, $75 ea. for less than premium seats. I'm afraid I'll have to pass on this one.

As a comparison, I'm going to see John Mayall for $25, Zero the next night for $25, and Steven Wilson's Blackfield is playing tonight for $15. I will see all 3 of these shows for LESS than what Ms. McKennitt is asking for hers. It's a crying shame, I tell ya!

RW: I hear what you're saying. We didn't get each other Christmas presents this year and she really loves Loreena so I thought it was appropriate. Certainly not a lot of opportunities to hear her live so all in all I'm OK with it but I understand where you're coming from.
I am seeing her in Asheville NC on April 26. where is the concert you are going to?
Minneapolis May 3.
I have all her CD's but for $75 I would rather put on a CD and enjoy in the comfort of my living room with a cold one.

While live is a treat, I have my limit.
In Asheville we are paying 49.50 for premium seats for her concert, so I guess location matters
Would love to see her. Is she going to be in the Philadelphia area?
BYTW has any vinyl been put out of her stuff?

According to her website, she will be in Philly on April 19th. Tickets are $29-$61.



She'll be at the Kimmel Center...
Me & my buds got pretty good seats fo $45. Wherever you sit in Radio City you will hear a wonderful show.
Is anyone in the Boston area wanting to go her April 21 show but needs tickets. I have 4 at face value of $40.00 ea.
Hi I am going to see Loreena next Tuesday, May 1st in Chicago. It will be awesome. I missed the PBS special. We will fly into Chicago and I splurged on a room at the Embassy Suites, and then fly back to St. Louis on Wednesday. Is anyone else going to this show?
I saw her last Thursday in Philadelphia. It was a really great show. I enjoy her music, and it was such a treat to actually see it live. I highly recommend her concerts.

Just saw her on Monday in Reading,PA.What a wonderful show.Glad i didn't miss her.I've been a fan for many years and this show did not dissapoint! Beautiful
Saw her tonight in Ashville NC great show and band. She is on to Nashville tommorrow.
spend your money and is a once in a lifetime chance.if you think the cd's are good,you will be blown away by the live is undescribable.merry jester.
Saw and was amazed at what an angel could sound like. The band she was with sounded absolutely outstanding. Loreena captivated the audience with sounds that had a mideastern,
acient Celtic overtones that just kept you wanting more. The only other time I saw a female vocalist sing with such beauty was Renissance and at the same place, Radio City. Go see Loreena at whatever the cost.
Really enjoyed the show! What a voice, both singing AND speaking during her narratives. Very glad I went!
PS: Always assumed that a lot of things on her albums were studio special effects. Boy was I wrong.