Anyone going to CES/THE?

I just made my reservations. Wondering who else will be there from our community.
I'm going, reservations at a downtown hotel, away from the madness.

I arrive the day before the show to help with rooms of a few friends in the business before the crowds hit.
See ya there as well. Its candyland you know. Brent
I will be there exhibiting in Room 2710. We will be showing the following:

Von Schweikert VR9SE Speakers
darTZeel NHB-108 Model One Amplifiers
darTZeel NHB-18NS Reference Phono/Linestage
Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable (World Premier)
Dynavector XV-1s Cartridge
EMM Labs DAC6e
EMM Labs CDSD SACD / CD Transport
Jena Labs Interconnects
Jena Labs Speaker Cables
Jena Labs Power Conditioning
Grand Prix Audio Monaco Isolation Systems

Please introduce yourself when you stop in. It will be nice to put a face with the alias :)

Yup, the Superbowl of Audio, wouldn't miss it
It is so crowded nobody goes anymore. :-)

Albert, I'll see you there. The kitty is staying home.
I will be there through the show, making the rounds and hope to see many of you there. Sound Lab will be demonstrating a new model, the M-1PX full range electrostatic loudspeakers, in Room 1302 of the Alexis Park. Parasound, Kimber Kable, and Grand Prix Audio will be sharing the room, and a CTC Blowtorch preamplifier will be used. The Friday night pizza and beer party is not to be missed by those who like to have too much fun :-)

See you guys there! Looking forward to it. Make sure you where your inconspicuous Audiogon propellor hats so we can ID each other!
I'm attending the show and AFAIK Branimir is also coming. For us europeans it is quite a trip though - talk about nearly 20h of flight one way !
I wish .......
I'll be there Saturday.

Never been, but always wanted to go.

How long does it take to go through the whole of Alexis park?