Anyone go without power conditioning

I'm currently running 3 dedicated lines with upgraded power cords. I have borrowed an Equitech unit and also the smaller version of the Audience conditioner. I thought both were very good but not worth the 2000.00 price tag. I'd rather put my money into a better cartridge or vinyl. I'm wondering if anybody out there feels as I do. I'm not knocking anyone that uses power conditioning I just feel I can spend my money more wisely.
Depends on where you are with your system. If you love every other piece of gear you have, then power conditioning is the only thing left.
If you search the threads you will find that a lot of us go direct into the wall utilzing dedicated circuits. I only experimented with passive conditioning didn't like what it did (music was lifeless) so never pursued the subject further.

It depends on a lot of things. I too have dedicated lines and I find power conditioning makes a huge difference.

I have tried the Audience, as well as Shunyata, Exact Power, and many others. The Audience was very good, and bested all others except the new Synergistic killed it. The difference was not subtitle at all!

I am also using really good power cords which make a real difference as well. Unless all aspects of the system are working well you might not be getting the resolution necessary to be getting the improvements that the conditioners can produce.

I think too, it depends on the incoming power. I've got 4 dedicated lines. Same phase. One for PC & accessories.

Although I can and have gone right into the wall, I prefer the use of a passive filtering device so far. I've found too, the better, the better in that regard.... and not always is just any PLC the right one for everyone or every application.

I've tried Shunyata, PSA, Monster, and RSA. the RSA Haley does best with power train stuff IMO. The PSA Duet seems best suited to front end digital in my case.

If I could afford 2 haley's, I'd likely be doing that.

I've not tried active or balanced conditioning units as I've heard still more varied opinions coming from those camps... or that's my take on them so far.
I used passive power conditioning for quite some time and then went to active
(balanced, power-factor corrected power) and enjoyed the result very much.
I have recently sold off the latter unit and am plugging straight into a custom-run
dedicated circuit (solid-core high-quality oxygen-free copper, flexible industrial-grade
conduit, Oyaide R1 cryo'ed outlets) with great sound. I was surprised at the result
after all the positive results I'd seen with the later unit I had utilized together with
alot of top of the line (expensive) power cords from a high-quality audiophile firm.
Several folks on the forums advocate taking amplifiers in particular straight into a
good dedicated circuit with nothing else in the middle...
Our power here - Washington, DC - is quite clean and very stable. All my components are dead silent with no input, even at max volume. I see no need to spend money on a power conditioner here...

Totally system dependant.With dedicated circuits your much less needing one and with saying that,I also say spend the bread elsewhere,YMMV,Bob
I use and EP15A on my dedicated circuit for my SET stabilizes the AC at a steady 120 and rebuilds the waveform on the power (near Boston) has big voltage fluctuations with surges and outages. I could hear a huge difference between into the wall and with the Exact Power unit....guess it all depends on the quality of your electricity. But if you go straight into the wall your gear is defenseless, right?
I have a full Isoclean system.

Running the amp through the Isoclean did not produce the best results but going directly into the wall did. Running the CDP/TT power supply through the Isoclean is a 35% improvement in sound. TV/DVD picture is outstanding with the Isoclean.

I can't see getting rid of the Isoclean gear in the near future as it is the foundation of my system.
Direct to AC.Nothing sounds like,no middle-man-direct.
Its defenseless against lightning no matter what you got.Lots of tech articles in French will bear out my last sentence....Sure,YMMV,Bob
~~~~Yes, though I only listen when weather conditions are safe. High winds, lightning, and heavy power usage in heat waves will cause me to not use my audio system. One thing I always do is unplug the system when not in use.
When running pro-audio pa systems, all components, except amps, are protected. Weather "usually" does not stop an event, the show goes on. The theory is: better to have an event with less transparency than to have no event at all due to equipment failure. Spare amps are on hand. I have shut down rehersals due to close lightning strikes for 15 to 20 min.

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