Anyone go from a single HomePod to a pair?

Picked up a HomePod to use in a rental house we are staying at for a few weeks. My first impressions is that the higher frequencies are a little lacking, but mid bass and mid range are pretty good for a small speaker. What I find missing is the stereo image - I can't get over the lack of it. For those who have a pair, do they create a solid stereo image and does a pair improve any other aspects of the sound? Btw, Apple Music seems ok. I have some fairly obscure favorites and it has yet to fail to play them. Still fussing with getting Siri to to play my playlists much less Apple's. 
Two paired Homepods and an iphone or iPad w|/Tidal makes a great little system.  The imaging is okay but not exactly holographic.  Pretty good sound, a bit bass heavy, especially when the mix is bass heavy.  Room filling sound.  My favorite setup is near field at low or mid level volume. 
Doesn't a pair of home pods have 14 tweeters? You would think high frequency dispersion wouldn't be an issue.
After using the HomePod for a week I now know it's not for me. Besides the issues noted in the original post I do not like having to think about which album to tell Siri to play - I prefer to peruse my cd case/library to "find" just the right cd for the moment. Also don't like announcing to the room what will be up next. Sometimes it's better to keep them guessing as to who the artist is if somewhat unknown (to guests). I'll return the HomePod and if it went on sale later for $250 or so I might repurchase for use in the kitchen area as more of a radio and speakerphone.  
There are a number of good powered speakers out. Some even suport AirPlay. You can also add something like and Apple TV, or airport express (old used cheap one too) and get airplay support that way. 

Kef, paradigm, dynaudio and many others make then. There there is the pro speaker world too, many many options.